Airsouth is back with a new track ! If you enjoyed his track Für Isa, you’re going to love his new remix of “Say my name” by ODESZA. The young parisian artist perfectly captured the essence of the duo Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKind) and Clayton Knight (aka Beaches Beaches).

You can vote for this remix in the contest organized right here :

PBB | Laurent Garnier's online radio

Laurent Garnier just launched his very own web-radio. I can feel your excitement, because yes it’s true : you can now listen to songs handpicked by Garnier himself 24/7.

Listen to it, and tell us which new tunes you discovered, they will be featured on Quark Up ! So what’s your favorite ?

Welcome back aboard folks. 

Quark Up’s Summer: 


it back and Relax, Quark Up is Back. 

Moods 14.07

Moods 14.07: 

Moods 13.07

Moods 13.07: 

naxxosis quite the hit of these last couple of months, and today they hit us once more with their EXCEPTIONAL latest Mixtape. 

naxxos  //   Chris & Max
, the Austrian duo from Graz, Austria, are the bringers of these blissful melodies. Originally having met at a festival in 2010, the sound engineer and the medic undergrad who share a passion for electronic music spent a few years working together, toying with all kinds of different styles; dnb; dubstep; house; tropical; dancehall; liquid etc. before forming naxxos in March 2013.

naxxos is the child of becoming further acquainted with house music but they have been influenced by countless genres over the years, bringing them to this stage in their production,We listen to a wide spectrum of music from chilled indie rock to heavy drum and bass.”

There is definitely a widespread pool from which the more contemporary naxxos accent arises but regardless of the ambiguous origin of the naxxos tone, I think that it is safe to say that we are all happy that it is here in time for the summer, permitting its’"four-on-the-floor-beat” to accompany us through the sunshine, happiness and love that are just around the corner. 

Enjoy this Mixtape that boasts a primitive twist and be sure to check out the rest of their sounds at
But I wouldn’t get too comfy, apparently there are some heavier “club banger” tunes on the horizon.

Moods 12.07

Great, Great stuff this morning! Shout-out to Hamburg that partied pretty hard on N’to's track. Moods 12.07: 

Moods 11.07

Turn up the bass! Moods 11.07:

Moods 10.07

Here we go again! 

  • Aleah - Vapour (Mirco Niemeier edit)
  • The XX - Finally (Kings of Tomorrow cover)
  • C.P - Metal Heart (einsauszwei edit)
  • Nina Nesbitt - Little Lion Man (David Keller remix)
  • Oliver Schories - Sunset (Joris Delacroix Remix) 

Moods 1.07

A bit late but always on time ! Moods 1.07 :

  • ZHU - Faded (TÂCHES Remix)
  • Kungs - Candy (feat. Jasmine Thompson)
  • FKJ - Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant
  • Anna Naklab & Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games
  • Moby - In This World (Lost Frequencies Bootleg)

Pleasure of ears but also pleasure of eyes. 

POLYPTYCH dives in a constant zoom-in in the modern status of fashion models as icons in a society of image where symbols and references are demultiplicated until they loose their meaning. 

The dynamic collage-artworks mix codes and compositions from religious imagery, classical and neo-classical architecture, with strong natural apocalyptic background textures and paint strokes.
The compositions also include deconstructed alphabets sampling from the model’s names, depicting the loss of identity that occurs when the girl becomes a cherished image, an icon, rather than a singular person.
We abstract ourselves in worshipping images of beauty.

Written & directed by Damien Vignaux

Moods 30.06

Moods 30.06 !

  • Nils Fraser feat. Lenny - Don´t Know (KlangTherapeuten Remix)
  • Birds Of Summer (Black Space Remix)
  • Notize - The Love Week
  • Midas 104 feat. Graciano Music - Horus
  • Tinush - You & Me

This Weekend at Quark/Up we were looking all over place for THE Best Release. To be fair it was difficult to elect one, so we made a Top 3, for 3 times more pleasure for you. 

#1  Little Ghetto Boy (Peo & PoG Remix)

#2  You & Me  - Tinush

#3  Pusherman - Tender Games (Live Cover)

Peo & PoG   //   Little Ghetto Boy - This is what you are looking for. Something new, trendy, groovy. The swing of the song gives it all and leads you into deep dandling. Their duet is a perfect alloy, blending Electro, Hip-Hop with Deep/Chill House. At Quark/Up we are definitely going to ask for more of these, what about you?

Feel free to tell us your favorite release of these last days on our Facebook Page:

Moods 29.06

Moods 29.06 !

  • First Aid Kit - Winter Is All Over You (FG Remix)
  • Foster The People - Best Friend (Dim Sum Remix)
  • Nhan Solo - Tell You (Original Mix)
  • Parov Stelar - The Sun Feat. Graham Candy (LCAW Remix)
  • Patrick Schulze - Down The Burning Ropes (Rework)

Interview #3 : Sonny Alven


This Summer, on your way to further horizons don’t forget to take Sonny Alven in your bindle while you travel. It’s light, funky, and delicate. Yes, Norwegian Sondre Alvestad aka Sonny Alven is our latest guest at Quark Up. On our Music Map, we decided to move the pin to Northern Europe where we got seduced by the sleek Norwegian style.

“I believe that with hard work and spending so much time experimenting and making music, I’ve just figured out how to do it.”

Sonny started music a couple of years ago while he was crazy about electronic music, and more especially about music design/production. Fascinated he got hooked pretty naturally onto music production; a passion that led him to study electronic music at Universitet i Agder in Krisitansand. After enjoying a full year of musical thrills, he’s expecting to learn as much as possible about music and promises to produce as much music as possible.

“There will definitely be a lot more tunes coming out this year.”

As many music producers, Sonny isn’t really picky with music as long as he considers the track to be good. He specified that he listens to anything from indie to deep house and added that it forged him in to becoming a strong fan of what he calls “the kinda deep/chillout house scene” falling under the charm of the adequacy of this music to both clubs and relaxed areas.

EDX, Gamper & Dadoni, Route 94 and Thomas Jack , Duke Dumont, The Aston Shuffle, Robin Schulz and a lot more have really got me into this type of music.”

Collecting ideas from various artists, he delicately compiles them into his tracks. At the moment Sonny includes his recent work into the Chillout/Tropical House genre, and his future work into the Deep genre. So as he says, you will know his style as more of a blend between deep and chillout/tropical house by the end of the year.

“My biggest dream and goal would be to do music full time, and be able to live from it. Sharing my music around the world in different clubs and on different stages would be truly amazing! I will keep on working hard, and then maybe sometime in the future I will achieve my goals!”

That’s what we like at Quark/Up, artists with ambition! Here we have Sonny that wants to give people a certain feeling whether it’s joy of sadness, he just wants to move his listeners. To his mind, Music can change people’s moods in a really unique and special way. The single idea that music makes people wriggle charms him.

"It has to be Shallow Waters, because right now it’s my only fully original track. I did the track with the talented Jarand, and we’ve gotten so much great feedback on it, so I’m really satisfied. It’s deep, funky and just in time for the summer, so make sure you listen to it!”

Still without label but filled with ambition, our Norwegian talent stays wise and patient and still considers there is a lot more he wants to experiment. For now inspiration is his biggest strength: “It varies a lot really, sometimes a certain sound can trigger a whole track. But often it’s a chord progression just from a standard piano. Then I change up sounds, add drums and everything just evolves around that. And of course, if I find a track that I think I can remix, then that’s how that starts. The best tracks are made when I’m just “in the zone”, where I forget to eat and sleep, and just work till I’m done with the idea!”

“I’d like to give out a big thank you to everyone who has supported my music in some way! Either listening, following, liking or posting my music. Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me!”